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Research Program
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New Results
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Section: New Results

Hierarchical Modeling of IEEE 802.11 Multi-hop Wireless Networks

Participants : Thiago Wanderley Matos de Abreu, Thomas Begin, Isabelle Guérin Lassous.

IEEE 802.11 is implemented in many wireless networks, including multi-hop networks where communications between nodes are conveyed along a chain. We present a modelling framework to evaluate the performance of flows conveyed through such a chain. Our framework is based on a hierarchical modelling composed of two levels. The lower level is dedicated to the modelling of each node, while the upper level matches the actual topology of the chain. Our approach can handle different topologies, takes into account Bit Error Rate and can be applied to multi-hop flows with rates ranging from light to heavy workloads. We assess the ability of our model to evaluate loss rate, throughput, and end-to-end delay experienced by flows on a simple scenario, where the number of nodes is limited to three. Numerical results show that our model accurately approximates the performance of flows with a relative error typically less than 10%. (See [6] )