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Publications of the year

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

G. Birgand, C. Azevedo Coste, G. Toupet, R. Pissard-Gibollet, B. Grandbastien, E. Fleury, J.-C. Lucet.
Attitude and infectious risk in the operating room - The ARIBO study protocol, in: BMJ Open, January 2014, vol. 4, no 1, 8 p.
A. Busson, G. Chelius.
Capacity and interference modeling of CSMA/CA networks using SSI point processes, in: Telecommunication Systems, July 2013. [ DOI : 10.1007/s11235-013-9761-7 ]
C. Crespelle, P. Gambette.
(Nearly-)tight bounds on the contiguity and linearity of cographs, in: Theoretical Computer Science, 2014, vol. 522, pp. 1-12. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.tcs.2013.11.036 ]
C. Crespelle, I. Todinca.
An O(n⌃2)-time algorithm for the minimal interval completion problem, in: Theoretical Computer Science, 2013, vol. 494, pp. 75-85. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.tcs.2012.12.031 ]

Articles in Non Peer-Reviewed Journals

F. Mirani, A. Busson, C. Adjih.
Improving Delay-Based Data Dissemination Protocol in VANETs with Network Coding, in: REV Journal on Electronics and Communications, 2013, vol. 2, no 3-4.

International Conferences with Proceedings

T. Abreu, B. Baynat, T. Begin, I. Guerin Lassous.
Hierarchical Modeling of IEEE 802.11 Multi-hop Wireless Networks, in: 16th ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems, Barcelone, Spain, November 2013.
Best Paper
P. Abry, S. Roux, V. Chudáček, P. Borgnat, P. Gonçalves, M. Doret.
Hurst Exponent IntraPartum Fetal Heart Rate: Impact of Decelerations, in: IEEE 26th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), 2013, Porto (Portugal), Portugal, 2013, pp. 131 - 136. [ DOI : 10.1109/CBMS.2013.6627777 ]
K. Avrachenkov, P. Gonçalves, M. Sokol.
On the Choice of Kernel and Labelled Data in Semi-supervised Learning Methods, in: WAW - 10th International Workshop on Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, December 2013, vol. 8305, pp. 56-67. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-319-03536-9_5 ]
T. Begin, A. Brandwajn.
A note on the accuracy of several existing approximations for M/Ph/m queues, in: IEEE HSNCE 2013, Kyoto, Japan, July 2013, 5 p.
C. Crespelle, P. Gambette.
Linear-time Constant-ratio Approximation Algorithm and Tight Bounds for the Contiguity of Cographs, in: Seventh International Workshop on Algorithms and Computation, Kharagpur, India, S. K. Ghosh, T. Tokuyama (editors), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2013, vol. 7748, pp. 126-136. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-642-36065-7_13 ]
C. Crespelle, E. Thierry, T. Lambert.
A Linear-Time Algorithm for Computing the Prime Decomposition of a Directed Graph with Regard to the Cartesian Product, in: 19th Annual International Computing and Combinatorics Conference - COCOON 2013, Hangzhou, China, 2013.
A. T. Giang, A. Busson, A. Lambert, D. Gruyer.
Topology Control in VANET and Capacity Estimation, in: 2013 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), BOSTON, United States, December 2013.
B. Girault, E. Fleury, P. Gonçalves.
Function analysis through wavelets on dynamic contact graphs, in: ECCS Satellite Contagion workshop, Barcelona, Spain, September 2013.
F. Mirani, A. Busson, C. Adjih.
DONC: Delay-based Opportunistic Network Coding Protocol, in: MED-HOC-NET 2013 - 12th Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop, Ajaccio, France, June 2013, 1 p.
S. Naimi, A. Busson, V. Vèque, L. B. H. Slama, R. Bouallegue.
Metric Anticipation in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, in: The International Conference on Information Processing and Wireless Systems (IP-WiS), Djerba, Tunisia, 2013.
V. D. Nguyen, T. Begin, I. Guerin Lassous.
Multi-constrained routing algorithm: a networking evaluation, in: IEEE HSNCE 2013, Kyoto, Japan, July 2013, 5 p.
S. Roy, T. Begin, P. Gonçalves.
A Complete Framework for Modelling and Generating Workload Volatility of a VoD System, in: IEEE Int. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, Calgari, Italy, 2013, pp. 1168 - 1174. [ DOI : 10.1109/IWCMC.2013.6583722 ]
S. Roy, T. Begin, P. Gonçalves.
An MCMC Based Procedure for Parameter Estimation of a VoD Workload Model, in: Proceedings of the 24th Colloquium GRETSI, Brest, France, 2013.
C. Tripp-Barba, M. Aguilar Igartua, L. Urquiza Aguiar, A. Mohamad Mezher, A. Zaldívar-Colado, I. Guerin Lassous.
Available Bandwidth Estimation in GPSR for VANETs, in: Third ACM international symposium on Design and analysis of intelligent vehicular networks and applications, Barcelona, Spain, 2013, pp. 1-8. [ DOI : 10.1145/2512921.2516961 ]
K. Wehmuth, E. Fleury, A. Ziviani.
A New Model for Time-Varying Graphs, in: Temporal and Dynamic Networks: From Data to Models, Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2013.
K. Wehmuth, A. Ziviani, E. Fleury.
Model for Time-Varying Graphs, in: Workshop on Dynamic Networks, Buenos Aeres, Argentina, November 2013.

National Conferences with Proceedings

B. Girault, P. Gonçalves, E. Fleury.
Graphe de contacts et ondelettes : étude d'une diffusion bactérienne, in: GRETSI, Brest, France, September 2013.

Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

A. T. Giang, A. Busson, V. Vèque.
Message dissemination in VANET: protocols and performances, in: Wireless Vehicular Networks for Car Collision Avoidance, R. Naja (editor), Springer, June 2013, pp. 71-96.
V. Vèque, F. Kaisser, C. Johnen, A. Busson.
CONVOI : un protocole de formation de clusters pour les réseaux de véhicules, in: Modèles et algorithmes pour les réseaux véhiculaires, H. Labiod, A. Beylot (editors), Traité IC2, Hermès, July 2013, pp. 1-15.
V. Vèque, F. Kaisser, C. Johnen, A. Busson.
CONVOY: a new Cluster-based routing Protocol for Vehicular Networks, in: Models and algorithms for vehicular networks, H. Labiod, A. Beylot (editors), ISTE Publishing Knowledge /John Wiley and Sons Inc, May 2013, chap. 4, pp. 91-102.

Internal Reports

A. Brandwajn, T. Begin.
Reduced complexity in M/Ph/c/N queues, Inria, May 2013, no RR-8303, 15 p.

Other Publications

B. Girault, P. Gonçalves, E. Fleury.
Graphe de contacts et ondelettes, in: École d'Été ResCom 2013, île de Porquerolles, France, May 2013.
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