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Section: New Results

Result Certification of Static Program Analysers with Automated Theorem Provers

Participants : Frédéric Besson, Pierre-Emmanuel Cornilleau, Thomas Jensen.

The automation of the deductive approach to program verification crucially depends on the ability to efficiently infer and discharge program invariants. In an ideal world, user-provided invariants would be strengthened by incorporating the result of static analysers as untrusted annotations and discharged by automated theorem provers. However, the results of object-oriented analyses are heavily quantified and cannot be discharged, within reasonable time limits, by state-of-the-art auto- mated theorem provers. In the present work, we investigate an original approach for verifying automatically and efficiently the result of certain classes of object-oriented static analyses using off-the-shelf automated theorem provers. We propose to generate verification conditions that are generic enough to capture, not a single, but a family of analyses which encompasses Java bytecode verification and Fähndrich and Leino type-system for checking null pointers. For those analyses, we show how to generate tractable verification conditions that are still quantified but fall in a decidable logic fragment that is reducible to the Effectively Propositional logic. Our experiments confirm that such verification conditions are efficiently discharged by off-the-shelf automated theorem provers [20] .