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Application Domains
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Section: Software and Platforms


Participant : Vincent Loechner.

ZPolyTrans ( ) is a C library and a set of executables, that permits to compute the integer transformation of a union of parametric -polyhedra (the intersection between lattices and parametric polyhedra), as a union of parametric -polyhedra. The number of integer points of the result can also be computed. It is build upon PolyLib and Barvinok library. This work is based on some theoretical results obtained by Rachid Seghir and Vincent Loechner [29] .

It allows for example to compute the number of solutions of a Presburger formula by eliminating existential integer variables, or to compute the number of different data accessed by some array accesses contained in an affine parametric loop nest.

The authors of this software are Rachid Seghir (Univ. Batna, Algeria) and Vincent Loechner. It is distributed under GNU General Public License version 3 or later.