Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Software and Platforms
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

FP7 ICT ELLIOT project (2010-2013)

Participants : Xavier Augros, Florian Bonacina, Mylène Leitzelman, Anne-Laure Negri, Guillaume Pilot, Bernard Senach, Caroline Tiffon, Brigitte Trousse [correspondent] .

This year we conducted various tasks related to the Green Services Use case:

Inria hosted two ELLIOT meetings on user experience measurement (KSB model and use cases) as weel as general meetings. We contributed in the various deliverables including the two public ones [38] and [37] . See also our results in Section  6.5 .

Finally the Elliot project (2011-2013) was very rich in terms of new assets for Inria and for ICT Usage Lab (cf. 8.1.3 ).

MyGreenServices was evaluated as Good Practice by the international Design for All foundation (for the 2014 awards).

COST TwinTide (2010-2013)

Participant : Dominique Scapin [correspondent] .

EIT KIC ICT Labs (2013) : Experience & Living Labs Research Catalyst

Participants : Brigitte Trousse [correspondent] , Caroline Tiffon, Florian Bonacina.

This year, we were involved in various works:

EIT KIC ICT Labs (2013) : CityCrowdSource Activity - Urban Life and Mobility

Participants : Brigitte Trousse [correspondent] , Guillaume Pilot.

AxIS was involved in the implementation of a Play-based demonstrator and implements, in collaboration with OASIS Inria research-project an interface between MyGreenServices platform and the PLAY platform for elaborating a use case based on our environmental sensors.

EIT KIC ICT Labs (2013) : Q&A - Doctoral School

Participants : Brigitte Trousse [correspondent] , Caroline Tiffon.

Inria (ICT Usage lab) for its expertise in usage analysis was requested by the DSL leader to support the University of Turku to managae the Q/A tasks for the doctoral school. We made some recommendation for improving questionnaires and anticipating future analysis in terms of data coding. We analysed (with Sphinx IQ) students questionnaires from EIT Doctoral school, and reported results in an internal EIT KIC Labs document. A preliminary study on how to measure the main I&E outcomes of I&E courses based on Bloom'experential learning [56] has been started.