Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

ADT eSurgeon

Participants : Maxime Colmant, Loÿc Huertas, Romain Rouvoy [correspondant] .

ADT eSurgeon (2013–15) is a technology development initiative supported by the Inria Lille - Nord Europe Center that aims at supporting the development of the PowerAPI software library (see Section  5.3 ) for measuring and monitoring the energy consumption of middleware and software systems.

ADT Adapt

Participants : Gwenaël Cattez, Philippe Merle [correspondant] .

ADT Adapt (2011–13) is a technology development initiative supported by the Inria Lille - Nord Europe Center that aims at building a demonstrator of our ADAM software technologies in the application domain of smart digital homes. Firstly, this demonstrator will show adaptive and reflective capabilities of FraSCAti (see Section  5.2 ), i.e., supporting various implementation languages (e.g., Java, WS-BPEL, scripting languages, template technologies) to develop business components, supporting various remote communication protocols (e.g., SOAP, REST, JMS, JGroups) to access and expose services, supporting various non functional properties, deploying business components on demand, and reconfiguring business applications/components/services at runtime. Secondly, these capabilities will be illustrated on several ambient intelligence scenarios, e.g., Fire Emergency and Home Automation. Thirdly, this demonstrator will integrate our recent and future scientific results in the domains of dynamic software product lines, autonomic computing, control loops, complex event processing, energy control, etc. Gwenaël Cattez (recent graduated engineer) has been recruited in the context of this ADT.

North European Lab SOCS

Participants : María Gómez Lacruz, Nicolas Haderer, Christophe Ribeiro, Romain Rouvoy [correspondant] , Lionel Seinturier.

North European Lab SOCS (2013–15) is an international initiative supported by the Inria Lille - Nord Europe Center that takes place in the context of a well-established collaboration between Inria and Universitetet i Oslo (UiO) initiated in 2008. SOCS focuses on the self-optimization issues in cyber-physical systems. Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are complex systems-of-systems that blend hardware and software to fulfill specific missions. However, traditional CPS are statically configured to achieve predefined goals, which not only limit their sharing and their reuse, but also hinder their sustainability. We believe that this waste of resources stems from the lack of agility of CPS to adapt to change in their environment or objectives. The SOCS Inria Lab (Self-Optimization of Cyber-physical Systems) therefore intends to extend the technologies developed as part of the SEAS associate team and more recently the APISENSE platform (see Section  5.1 ) to leverage the development of agile CPS.


Participants : Gwenaël Cattez, Philippe Merle [correspondant] .

LEDA (2013–16) Laboratoire d'Expérimentation et de Démonstrations Ambiantes is a demonstration space allocated by the Inria Lille - Nord Europe Center whose goal is to show the scientific results of the ADAM project-team in the domains of distributed systems, adaptable middleware, software product lines, green computing, and ambiant computing. These results are illustrated around the scenario of a mock digital home.