Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
Software and Platforms
New Results
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Software and Platforms


Participants : Gwenaël Cattez, Philippe Merle [correspondant] , Fawaz Paraïso, Romain Rouvoy, Lionel Seinturier.

FraSCAti is a service-oriented component-based middleware platform implementing OASIS Service Component Architecture (SCA) specifications.The main originality of OW2 FraSCAti is to bring Fractal -based reflectivity to SCA, i.e., any FraSCAti software component is equipped with both the SOA capabilities brought by SCA and the reflective capabilities (i.e., introspection and reconfiguration) brought by Fractal . Various micro-benchmarks have shown that FraSCAti reflectivity is achieved without hindering its performance relative to the de facto reference SCA implementation, i.e., Apache Tuscany. Non-functional concerns (logging, transaction, security, etc.), so called intents in SCA terms, are also programmed as FraSCAti components and are (un)woven on business components dynamically at runtime, this is based on aspect-oriented concepts defined in FAC  [78] . OW2 FraSCAti supports various implementation technologies (SCA Composite, Java, WS-BPEL, Spring Framework, OSGi, Fractal ADL, native C library, Apache Velocity templates, and seven scripting languages as BeanShell, FScript, Groovy, JavaScript, JRuby, Jython, XQuery) for programming services or integrating legacy code, various binding protocols (SOAP, REST, JSON-RPC, UPnP, HTTP servlets, Java RMI, JMS, JGroups) and interface definition languages (WSDL, Java, WADL) for interoperating with existing services. OW2 FraSCAti provides management tools like standalone, Web-based, and JMX-based graphical consoles and a dedicated scripting language for reconfiguring SCA applications. The whole OW2 FraSCAti platform is itself built as a set of reflective SCA components.

Inria Evaluation Committee Criteria for Software Self-Assessment: A-4-up, SO-4, SM-4-up, EM-3-up, SDL-4-up, DA-4, CD-4, MS-4, TPM-4. FraSCAti is a project of the OW2 consortium for open-source middleware. Web site: . 292 Kloc (mainly Java). Registered with the APP (Agence pour la Protection des Programmes) under reference FR.001.050017.000.S.P.2010.000.10000. License: LGPL. Embedded into several industrial software systems: EasySOA, Petals Link EasyViper, EasyBPEL, EasyESB, OW2 PEtALS, OW2 Scarbo. Various demonstrators built during funded projects: ANR SCOrWare, FP7 SOA4All, ANR ITEmIS, ANR SALTY, ANR SocEDA, FUI Macchiato, FUI EasySOA, ADT Galaxy and ADT Adapt. Main publications:  [82] , [81] , [70] , [71] , [62] , [61] .