Overall Objectives
Research Program
Application Domains
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New Results
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Section: New Results

Reconfigurable Middleware

In the context of our collaboration with the Thales company, especially via the PhD of Jonathan Labéjof defended on 20 December 2012, we obtained some results in the domain of reconfigurable message-oriented middleware (MOM). MOM are a particular class of middleware systems that promote asynchronous communications and weak coupling between communicating entities. They are of particular interest for the design of Systems of Systems (SoS). In this context, we worked on a method for reconfiguring quality of service properties in MOM. The idea is to be able change the properties of communication channels without stopping these channels. We obtained this by defining a bijection between the characteristics of these channels and a component-based software architecture for which we already have means of reconfiguration with our previous results on the FraSCAti platform (see Section  5.5 ). By this way, reconfiguring the quality of service of a channel is akin to reconfiguring its associated component-based software architecture. This result has been applied to MOM platforms that conform to the OMG DDS standard.

This result has been the topic of a patent application  [106] that was filled in Europe in July 2011 and in the US in July 2012. The results were also presented in the SCDI workshop at the EDOC 2012 conference [44] .