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Section: Software


Participants : Adrien Guénard, Lionel Havet, Françoise Simonot-Lion.

Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks (WSANs) combine sensors and actuators interconnected by wireless networks in order to perform distributed sensing and acting tasks. Closed-loop controllers can therefore be deployed on WSANs. Such systems have to meet specific requirements in terms of performance, dependability, energy and cost which raises great challenges due to the unreliability of wireless communications. A way to ensure that a system meets the required properties is to model it and go through its analysis. Building a model requires both deep knowledge on the system as well as on the used framework. Therefore there is a need for frameworks well-suited to the targeted systems and to the properties to verify. We proposed an approach meeting these conditions and a simulation framework, Samovar, based on Matlab / Simulink, allowing the modeling of the network protocols (Mac and routing services) and the resources sharing policy thanks to the TrueTime toolbox. Several classes of components (application, nodes, networks and middleware) and a clear semantics for their composition are identified. Furthermore, the design of Samovar was also driven by the need to easily transfer software component model between the concrete systems and its simulated model. The modeling and simulation method as well as the Samovar framework were assessed on several case studies: cooperating robots, intelligent living environment, embedded controllers on UAV robots… The simulation framework is available from . This work is supported by INRIA through the ADT SAMOVAR.