Team Sémagramme

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: New Results

Graph Rewriting

Participants : Bruno Guillaume, Mathieu Morey, Guy Perrier.

Guillaume Bonfante (from CARTE team), Bruno Guillaume, Mathieu Morey and Guy Perrier have improved their graph rewriting calculus, experimenting it in two directions. Taking an asynchronous perspective on the syntax-semantics interface, they have designed a modular graph rewriting system to produce underspecified semantic representations from a syntactic dependency graph [14] . They experimentally validated this approach on a set of sentences extracted from the French Treebank annotated with syntactic dependencies  [27] . The results open the way for the production of underspecified semantic dependency structures from corpora annotated with syntactic dependencies and, more generally, for a broader use of modular rewriting systems for computational linguistics.

In a second application, they show how to enrich a syntactic dependency annotation of the French Treebank, using graph rewriting, in order to compute its semantic representation [13] . The rewriting system is composed of grammatical and lexical rules structured in modules. The lexical rules use a control information extracted from Dicovalence, a lexicon of French verbs ( ).