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Publications of the year

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journal

N. Antunes, C. Fricker, J. Roberts.
Stability of multi-server polling system with server limits, in: Queueing Systems, Theory and Applications, 2011, vol. 68, no 3-4, p. 229-235.
T. Bonald, J. Roberts.
Internet and the Erlang formula, in: ACM SIGCOMM CCR, 2011, To Appear.
E. Coffman, P. Robert, F. Simatos, S. Tarumi, G. Zusman.
A Performance Analysis of Channel Fragmentation in Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems, in: Queueing Systems, Theory and Applications, 2011, To Appear.
M. Feuillet.
On the flow-level stability of data networks without congestion control: the case of linear networks and upstream trees, in: Queueing Systems, Theory and Applications, 2011, to appear.
M. Feuillet, P. Robert.
On the Transient Behavior of Ehrenfest and Engset Processes, in: Advances in Applied Probability, 2011, vol. 44, no 2, To Appear.
C. Graham, P. Robert.
Self-adaptive congestion control for multi-class intermittent connections in a communication network, in: Queueing Systems, Theory and Applications, 2011, To Appear.
N. Litvak, P. Robert.
A Scaling analysis of a Cat and Mouse Markov chain, in: Annals of Applied Probability, 2011, To Appear.

International Conferences with Proceedings

T. Bonald, M. Feuillet.
On Flow-Aware CSMA in Multi-Channel Wireless Networks, in: CISS, march 2011.
P. Robert, J. Roberts.
A Flow-aware MAC Protocol for a Passive Optical Metropolitan Area Network, in: 23th ITC Specialist Seminar on Internet Traffic Engineering and Traffic Management, San Francisco, 2011.

Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

T. Bonald, M. Feuillet.
Network Performance Analysis, ISTE/Wiley, july 2011.
T. Bonald, M. Feuillet.
Performances des réseaux et des systèmes informatiques, Collection Télécoms, Hermes Sciences, april 2011.

Other Publications

T. Bonald, M. Feuillet.
Performance of CSMA in multi-channels wireless networks, 2011, submitted.
D. Cuda, R.-M. Indre, E. Le Rouzic, J. Roberts.
Getting routers out of the core: Building an optical wide area network with “multipaths”, 2011, submitted.
M. Feuillet, M. Jonckheere, B. J. Prabhu.
Responding to traffic surges: Stochastic networks under time-space-priority scalings, 2011, submitted.
S. Oueslati, J. Roberts, N. Sbihi.
Flow-aware traffic control for a content-centric network, 2011, To appear in proceedings of Infocom 2012.