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Section: Software

The Coccinelle library for term rewriting

Participant : √Čvelyne Contejean [contact] .

Coccinelle is a Coq library for term rewriting. Besides the usual definitions and theorems of term algebras, term rewriting and term ordering, it also models some of the algorithms implemented in the CiME toolbox, such a matching, matching modulo associativity-commutativity, computation of the one-step reducts of a term, RPO comparison between two terms, etc. The RPO algorithm can effectively be run inside Coq, and is used in the Color developement ( ) as well as for certifying Spike implicit induction theorems in Coq (Sorin Stratulat).

Coccinelle is developed by √Čvelyne Contejean, available at ( ), and is distributed under the Cecill-C license.