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Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Members

Research Scientists

Alain Girault [Team Leader, DR Inria , HdR]
Pascal Fradet [CR Inria , HdR]
Gregor Goessler [CR Inria ]
Bertrand Jeannet [CR Inria ]

Faculty Member

Gwenaël Delaval [Associate professor, Université Joseph Fourier]

External Collaborators

Emil Dumitrescu [Associate Professor, INSA Lyon]
Xavier Nicollin [Associate Professor, Grenoble INP]

PhD Students

Vagelis Bebelis [CIFRE STMicroelectronics, since 12/2011]
Peter Schrammel [Inria , Synchronics project]
Gideon Smeding [DIGITEO grant]
Marnes Hoff [Inria grant, AutoChem project, until 05/2011]
Henri-Charles Blondeel [Inria , until 06/2011]
Lies Lakhdar-Chaouch [Inria , OpenTLM project, until 10/2011]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Roopak Sinha [CESAR project]
Lacramioara Astefanoaei [ERCIM grant]
Petro Poplavko [Inria and PILSI/CRI, until 11/2011]
Sebti Mouelhi [Vedecy project, since 10/2011]
Pascal Sotin [Asopt project, until 09/2011]

Administrative Assistant

Diane Courtiol [Secretary Inria ]