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Section: Software

SDM toolbox

Participant : Antoine Rousseau.

The computation of the wind at small scale and the estimation of its uncertainties is of particular importance for applications such as wind energy resource estimation. To this aim, we develop a new method based on the combination of an existing numerical weather prediction model providing a coarse prediction, and a Lagrangian Stochastic Model adapted from a pdf method introduced by S.B. Pope for turbulent flows. This Stochastic Downscaling Method (SDM ) is thus aimed to be used as a refinement toolbox of large-scale numerical models. SDM requires a specific modelling of the turbulence closure, and involves various simulation techniques whose combination is totally new (such as Poisson solvers, optimal transportation mass algorithm, original Euler scheme for confined Langevin stochastic processes, and stochastic particle methods). In 2011, we worked on the comparison of the SDM model (endowed with a physical geostrophic forcing and a wall log law) with simulations obtained with a LES method (M├ęso-NH code) for the atmospheric boundary layer (from 0 to 750 meters in the vertical direction), in the neutral case, see [58] .