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Section: Software

The SpaCEM 3 program

Participants : Lamiae Azizi, Senan James Doyle, Florence Forbes.

SpaCEM 3 (Spatial Clustering with EM and Markov Models) is a software that provides a wide range of supervised or unsupervised clustering algorithms. The main originality of the proposed algorithms is that clustered objects do not need to be assumed independent and can be associated with very high-dimensional measurements. Typical examples include image segmentation where the objects are the pixels on a regular grid and depend on neighbouring pixels on this grid. More generally, the software provides algorithms to cluster multimodal data with an underlying dependence structure accounting for some spatial localisation or some kind of interaction that can be encoded in a graph.

This software, developed by present and past members of the team, is the result of several research developments on the subject. The current version 2.09 of the software is CeCILLB licensed.

Main features. The approach is based on the EM algorithm for clustering and on Markov Random Fields (MRF) to account for dependencies. In addition to standard clustering tools based on independent Gaussian mixture models, SpaCEM 3 features include:

The software is available at . A user manual in English is available on the web site above together with example data sets. The INRA Toulouse unit is more recently participating to this project for promotion among the bioinformatics community [20] .