Project Team Mistis

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Members

Research Scientists

Florence Forbes [Team Leader, DR,INRIA, HdR]
Stéphane Girard [CR, INRIA, HdR]

Faculty Members

Laurent Gardes [UPMF,Grenoble, HdR]
Jean-Baptiste Durand [INPG, Grenoble, in delegation at INRIA Montpellier]
Marie-José Martinez [UPMF, Grenoble]

Technical Staff

Senan James Doyle [INRIA]
Ludovic Leau-Mercier [INRIA]

PhD Students

Lamiae Azizi [INRA, co-advised by F. Forbes and M. Charras-Garrido (INRA Theix)]
Jonathan El-Methni [INRIA, from October 2010, co-advised by L. Gardes and S. Girard]
El-Hadji Deme [Université Gaston Berger, Sénégal]
Christine Bakhous [INRIA, from November 2010, co-advised by F. Forbes and M. Dojat (GIN)]
Gildas Mazo [INRIA, from October 2011, co-advised by F. Forbes and S. Girard]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Darren Wraith [INRIA]
Kai Qin [INRIA]
Laure Amate [CNRS, until August 2011]
Lotfi Chaari [INRIA]
Huu Giao Nguyen [INRIA, since November 2011]
Farida Enikeeva [INRIA]
Thomas Vincent [INRIA, since Dec. 2011]

Administrative Assistant

Imma Presseguer [INRIA]


Federico Raimondo [INRIA, July-Dec. 2011]
Hessam Hessami [INRIA, May-July 2011]