Project Team Marelle

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Software


Participants : Gilles Barthe [IMDEA Software institute] , Juan Manuel Crespo [IMDEA Software institute] , Benjamin Grégoire [correspondant] , Sylvain Heraud, César Kunz [IMDEA Software institute] , Federico Olmedo [IMDEA Software institute] , Santiago Zanella Béguelin [IMDEA Software institute] .

CertiCrypt takes a language-based approach to cryptography: the security of a cryptographic scheme and the cryptographic assumptions upon which its security relies are expressed by means of probabilistic programs, called games; in a similar way, adversarial models are specified in terms of complexity classes, e.g. probabilistic polynomial-time programs. This code-centric view leads to statements that are amenable to formalization and tool-assisted verification. CertiCrypt instruments a rich set of verification techniques for probabilistic programs, including equational theories of observational equivalence, relational Hoare logic, data-flow analysis-based program transformations, and game-based techniques such as eager/lazy sampling and failure events.

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