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Section: Software


Participants : Julien Bigot, Cristian Klein, Christian Pérez [correspondent] , Vincent Pichon.

HLCMi is an implementation of the HLCM component model defined during the PhD of Julien Bigot. HLCM is a generic extensible component model with respect to component implementations and interaction concerns. Moreover, HLCM is abstract; it is its specialization—such as HLCM /CCM —that define the primitive elements of the model, such as the primitive components and the primitive interactions.

HLCMi is making use of Model-driven Engineering (MDE) methodology to generate a concrete assembly from an high level description. It is based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). HLCMi contains 700 Emfatic lines to describe its models and 7000 JAVA lines for utility and model transformation purposes. HLCMi is a general framework that supports several HLCM specialization: HLCM /CCM , HLCM /JAVA, HLCM /C++ (known as L2C) and HLCM /Charm++ (known as Gluon++).