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Section: Contracts and grants with industry

Contracts with industry

Thesaurus alignment environment

Participants : Jérôme Euzenat [Contact] , Jérôme David, Cássia Trojahn dos Santos.

Exmo has been subcontractor of the Mondeca company in a project for the OPOCE (the office for the official publications of the european union) which developed a matching environment for thesauri. Exmo's role has been to integrates the Alignment API technology within Mondeca's thesaurus edition environment and the development and evaluation of new matchers adapted to thesauri matching. We have developed a special version of our matcher AROMA for this task, which uses a a consensus-based matcher.

Concerned thesauri are large multilingual vocabularies expressed in SKOS , such as Eurovoc, GEMET and ETT .