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Section: Software

Interoperability Assessment

Participants : Anthony Baire, Nanxing Chen, César Viho.

In previous works we have developed a software toolkit named T3DevKit for easing the development of TTCN-3 tests. The original tool could only run on POSIX systems with the gcc tool-chain. This year we re-factored the build system using the waf build automation tool, which allowed us to integrate with other operating systems and tool-chains (especially MSVC on Windows). This work allowed us to study interoperability issues between tools in the TTCN-3 standard and a poster was presented at the TTCN-3 User Conference 2011. We also presented an introduction tutorial for T3DevKit at this conference [76] . A method to generate and to execute passive interoperability test suites on recorded traces has been proposed in [40] .