Project Team Dionysos

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Members

Research Scientists

Gerardo Rubino [Team leader, Senior Researcher (DR), Inria, HdR]
Nizar Bouabdallah [Research Associate (CR), Inria, on leave from Feb. 2011, HdR]
Bruno Sericola [Senior Researcher (DR), Inria, HdR]
Bruno Tuffin [Research Associate (CR), Inria, HdR]

Faculty Members

Raymond Marie [Full professor, Emeritus, HdR]
César Viho [Full professor, HdR]
Adlen Ksentini [Associate professor]
Yassine Hadjadj-Aoul [Associate professor]

Technical Staff

Anthony Baire [Permanent engineer, Université de Rennes 1]
Kamal Singh [Temporary research engineer INRIA, until Dec. 2011]
Arulnambi Nandagoban [ACET scientific, until Dec. 2011]

PhD Students

Majd Ghareeb [Ater Univ. Nantes, until Sep. 2011]
Sofiane Moad [MSER grant, until Dec. 2011]
Samira Saggadi [INRIA and Brittany region grant, until Sep. 2011]
Wael Cherif [CIFRE grant, Viotech Communication]
Hai Tran Hoang [INRIA and Alcatel-Lucent grant, until Nov. 2011]
Sebastián Basterrech [INRIA grant]
Romaric Ludinard [INRIA grant]
Nanxing Chen [UR1 grant]
Jean-Marc Vigne [INRIA grant]
Laura Aspirot [INRIA grant and Univ. of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Pierre Coucheney [Post-doc, INRIA]
Sofiene Jelassi [Post-doc, INRIA]

Visiting Scientist

Peter Reichl [SISCOM International Chair, until Sep. 2011]

Administrative Assistant

Fabienne Cuyollaa [Project assistant, Inria]