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Scientific Foundations
New Results
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Section: New Results

Fault localization and correction in Constraint Programs

Participants : Nadjib Lazaar, Arnaud Gotlieb.

Nowadays, constraint programs are written in high-level modelling languages. Their verification is currently based on trace analysis techniques but does not integrate systematic testing techniques. In this work, we developped a Testing framework for catching the peculiarities of constraint program development, throughout the notions of conformity relations, fault localization and correction.

Within the context of the Nadjib Lazaar's PhD (defense on 5 Dec. 2011), we explored in 2011 the testing of constraint programs written in OPL and the development of trace-based fault localization and correction techniques [19] . Lazaar's tool called CPTEST showed impressive experimental results on four hard problems of the CP Community, leading to a publication (in progress) in the Constraints Journal.