Project-Team Celtique

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Beginning of the Team: 01/07/2009

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Thomas Jensen [Team leader, DR, INRIA, HdR]
Frédéric Besson [Inria, CR]
Arnaud Gotlieb [Inria, CR, HdR]
David Pichardie [Inria, CR]
Alan Schmitt [Inria, CR, since September 2011, HdR]

Faculty Members

Sandrine Blazy [University of Rennes 1, Prof, HdR]
Thomas Genet [University of Rennes 1, HdR]
David Cachera [Ens Cachan, HdR]


Matthieu Carlier [post-doc]
Florent Kirchner [post-doc, until 07/04/2011]
Vincent Monfort [Software Engineer]
Pierre Vittet [Software Engineer, from 15/11/2011]
Ronan Saillard [Software Engineer, from 1/12/2011]

PhD Students

Valérie Murat [menrt grant, joint PhD with Distribcom team]
Yann Salmon [menrt grant]
Mickael Delahaye [CEA grant]
Nadjib Lazaar [menrt grant]
Arnaud Jobin [menrt grant]
Delphine Demange [menrt grant]
Pierre-Emmanuel Cornilleau [Inria grant]
Zhoulai Fu [Polytechnique grant]
André Oliveira Maroneze [menrt grant, from 01/09/2010]
Stéphanie Riaud [inria grant, from 01/09/2011]

Administrative Assistant

Lydie Mabil [Inria, TR]