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Section: Software


PolyLib ( ) is a C library of polyhedral functions, that can manipulate unions of rational polyhedra of any dimension, through the following operations: intersection, difference, union, convex hull, simplify, image and preimage. It was the first to provide an implementation of the computation of parametric vertices of a parametric polyhedron, and the computation of an Ehrhart polynomial (expressing the number of integer points contained in a parametric polytope) based on an interpolation method.

It is used by an important community of researchers (in France and the rest of the world) in the area of compilation and optimization using the polyhedral model. Vincent Loechner is the maintainer of this software. It is distributed under GNU General Public License version 3 or later, and it has a Debian package maintained by Serge Guelton (Symbiose Projet, IRISA).