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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ANR ARPEGE - GRECO (2010-2013)

Participants : Olivier Sentieys, Olivier Berder, Arnaud Carer, Romain Fontaine, Trong-Nhan Le.

Sensor network technologies and the increase efficiency of photovoltaic cells show that it is possible to reach communicating objects solutions with low enough power consumption to foresee the possibility of developing autonomous objects. Greco (GREen wireless Communicating Objects) is a project on the design of autonomous communicating object platforms (i.e. self-powered sensor networks). The aim is to optimize the power consumption based on (i) a modeling of the performances and power of the required blocks (RF front-end, converters, modem, peripherals, digital architecture, OS, software, power generator, battery, etc.) (ii) heterogeneous simulation models and tools, and (iii) the use of a real-time global “Power Manager”. The final validation will be performed on various case studies: a monitoring system and an audio communication between firemen. A HW/SW prototyping (based on an CAIRN's PowWow platform with energy harvesting) and a simulation associating a precise modeling (virtual platform) of an object inserted in a network simulator-like environment will be developed as demonstrators. Greco involves Thales, INRIA/CAIRN, CEA List, CEA Leti, Im2nP, LEAT, Insight-SiP. For more details see .