Project Team Biocore

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Members

Research Scientists

Jean-Luc Gouzé [Team leader, Senior Researcher INRIA, HdR]
Olivier Bernard [Senior Researcher INRIA, HdR]
Frédéric Grognard [Junior Researcher INRIA]
Madalena Chaves [Junior Researcher INRIA]
Pierre Bernhard [Senior Researcher INRIA emeritus, HdR]
Antoine Sciandra [Senior Researcher, CNRS-LOV, part time, HdR]
Jean-Philippe Steyer [Senior Researcher, INRA-LBE, part time, HdR]
Ludovic Mailleret [Junior Researcher, INRA-ISA]

External Collaborator

Eric Benoît [Professor, Université de La Rochelle, HdR]

Technical Staff

Hubert Bonnefond [Salinalgue funding, since September]
Florian Guenn [INRIA Funding]
Mélaine Gautier [Salinalgue funding]

PhD Students

Jonathan Rault [MESR/ATER funding, UNSA]
Mickaël Teixeira-Alves [INRA-INRIA funding, UNSA]
Alfonso Carta [ANR funding, UNSA]
Philipp Hartmann [MESR funding, UNSA]
Ismail Belgacem [INRIA funding, UNSA, since November]
Caroline Baroukh [INRA-INRIA funding, Montpellier II, since October]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Rafael Munoz Tamayo [INRIA funding, since October]
Xiao Dong Li [INRIA funding]
Andrei Akhmetzhanov [Salinalgue funding, until March]
Thomas Lacour [Salinalgue funding, until February]
Nina Moelants [Salinalgue funding, until September]
Doris Brockmann [ANR funding, from June until September]
Kerstin Ebert [ANR funding, from June until November]

Visiting Scientist

Christian Breindl [University of Stuttgart, May-July]

Administrative Assistants

Stéphanie Sorres [AI, part time]
Christel Kozinski [part time, since October]


Ismail Belgacem [University of Tlemcen (Algeria) student intern, from April until August]
Hubert Bonnefond [INSA Toulouse student intern, from March until August]
Barbara Remond [Paris VI student intern, from March until August]