Project Team Axis

Overall Objectives
Application Domains
New Results
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Application Domains


As tourism is a highly competitive domain, local tourism authorities have developed Web sites in order to promote their services to tourists. Unfortunately, the way information is organised does not necessarily meet Internet users expectations and numerous improvements are necessary to enhance their understanding of visited sites. Thus, even if only for economical reasons, the quality and the diversity of tourism packages have to be improved, for example by highlighting cultural heritage.

Again to illustrate our role in such a domain, let us cite some past projects where AxIS was involved and relating mainly to Semantic Web Mining (By Semantic Web Mining, we mean the mutual benefits between two communities Semantic Web and Web Mining). In our case, we exploit a) ontologies and semantic data for improving usage analysis, personnalised services, quality of resultfs of search engines and checking the content of an IS and also b) we exploit usage data for updating ontologies.) and Information Retrieval.