Team Atlanmod

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
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Section: Overall Objectives


Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is a software engineering paradigm that advocates for the rigorous use of (software) models and model manipulation operations (known as model transformations) as the main artifacts in all software engineering activities. This comes from an industrial need to have a regular and homogeneous organization where different facets of a software system may be easily separated or combined when appropriate. The basic assumption of MDE is that models provide a better abstraction level than the classical programming code to manage the complexity of software development (and, in general, any other software-related task). When needed, executable code can be semi-automatically generated from (low-level) models of the system. It has been shown that adoption of MDE increases productivity and quality of the software engineering process.

In this sense, AtlanMod is developing pioneering solutions to solve core research challenges in MDE and to ensure its successful application on relevant industrial problems.