Team Atlanmod

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Partnerships and Cooperations
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Section: Members

Research Scientists

Javier Cánovas [Postdoc, since October 2011]
Sagar Sen [Postdoc- École des mines de Nantes, since September 2011]
Fabian Büttner [Postdoc, CESAR, since October 2011]
Robert Tairas [Postdoc]

Faculty Members

Jordi Cabot [Team Leader, Associate Professor, École des mines de Nantes]
Frédéric Jouault [Associate Professor, École des mines de Nantes]
Massimo Tisi [Associate Professor, École des mines de Nantes]

Technical Staff

Hugo Brunelière [Engineer, École des mines de Nantes]
Guillaume Doux [Engineer, IDM++ - Université de Nantes until August 31st, INRIA - Mia-Software Technology transfer action after]
Cauê Avila Clasen [Engineer, CESAR]
Salvador Martínez Pérez [Engineer-OPEES, PhD Student from November 2011]
Wolfgang Kling [Engineer ARMINES, GALAXY]
Carlos González Pérez [Engineer-CESAR, PhD Student from October 2011]
Valerio Cosentino [PhD Student, CIFRE IBM]
Vincent Mahé [Engineer, IDM++ until February 2011, Université de Nantes]

Visiting Scientists

Dennis Wagelaar [Postdoc, January-February 2011]
Víctor Garía Pau [Master Thesis, April-July 2011]

Administrative Assistants

Cecile Derouet [Part-time, since September 2011]
Hanane Maaroufi [Part-time, until August 2011]