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Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Marc Schoenauer [Team leader, Team co-leader, DR INRIA, HdR]
Michèle Sebag [Team co-leader, DR CNRS, HdR]
Anne Auger [CR INRIA]
Cyril Furtlehner [CR INRIA]
Nikolaus Hansen [CR INRIA]
Yann Ollivier [CR CNRS, since Sept. 2010]
Olivier Teytaud [CR INRIA]

Faculty Members

Jamal Atif [MDC Université Paris Sud]
Nicolas Bredèche [MDC Université Paris Sud, délégation INRIA until Sept. 2010, HdR]
Philippe Caillou [MDC Université Paris Sud]
Cécile Germain-Renaud [Professeur Université Paris Sud, HdR]
Hélène Paugam-Moisy [Professor, Université Lyon 2, délégation INRIA until Aug. 2010, HdR]

Technical Staff

Hassen Doghmen [since october 2009]
Philippe Gauron [until July 2010]
Julien Nauroy [Since October 2010]
Raymond Ros [Since November 2009]

PhD Students

Riad Akrour [Started November 2010]
Pierre Allegraud [Started September 2010]
Alejandro Arbelaez [Started September 2008]
Ludovic Arnold [Started January 2010]
Rémi Bardenet [Started September 2009]
Jacques Bibaï [CIFRE Thalès, defended October 2010]
Zyed Bouzarkouna [CIFRE IFP, started December 2008]
Adrien Couetoux [Started September 2010]
Alvaro Fialho [Defended December 2010]
Romaric Gaudel [Defended December 2010]
Jean-Baptiste Hoock [Started November 2009]
Ilya Loshchilov [Started September 2009]
Gaetan Marceau-Caron [CIFRE THALES, Started October 2010]
Jean-Marc Montanier [Started October 2009]
Julien Perez [Defended September 2010]
Philippe Rolet [Defended December 2010]
Fabien Teytaud [Started September 2008]
Xiangliang Zhang [Started September 2006, defended July 2010]
Mouadh Yagoubi [CIFRE PSA, started February 2009]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

David Auger [since October 2010]
Matthias Brendel [since April 2010]
Dimo Brockhoff [until November 2010]
Sylvain Chevallier [since September 2010]
Tamas Elteto [until September 2010]
Cedric Gouy-Pailler [until October 2010]
Yusik Kim [since December 2010]
Anthony Mouraud [until September 2010]
Sebastien Rebecchi [since September 2010]
Maxim Samsonov [since April 2009]
Vladimir Skvortsov [until September 2010]
Nataliya Sokolovska [since January 2010]
Samuel Thiriot [since September 2010]

Administrative Assistant

Marie-Carol Lopes [Tao]


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