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Section: New Results


POS-tagging and Suppertagging for French

Participant : Richard Moot [correspondent] .

Richard Moot has continued his work on the extraction of categorial grammars from the French Treebank (annotated by Anne Abeillé and her team at Paris VII). Much work has been spent on the development of POS-tagger and Supertagger models (two essential components for the performance of the Grail parser when using the extracted grammar: the POS-tagger assigns syntactic categories like "name", "present tense verb" etc., whereas the Supertagger assigns categorial grammar formulas to words). The POS-tagger currently performs at the same level as the best POS-taggers available for French, whereas the Supertagger performs at the same level as the best categorial Supertaggers for English (no comparable software exists for French for a direct comparison).


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