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Section: Software

XLFG5: Experimental LFG Parsing

Participant : Lionel Clément [correspondent] .

XLFG5 is a parser prototype for research. It implements a variant of the Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG) formalism. The parsing produces a shared forest (of c-structures) in order to speed-up ambiguous sentences analyzes. Sharing functional dependency structures (f-structures) is under development.

XLFG5 is used for teaching in various universities, amongst which Université Bordeaux 3, Université Paris IV, and others in Spain or Algeria. Languages known to be used with XLFG5 are french, arabic, mandarin, spanish, english, german and thai.

XLFG5 has been developed by Lionel Clément and is available as a parsing server ( ). The new version has been made widely available.


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