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Section: New Results

Control for adaptive systems: Discrete control for adaptive and reconfigurable systems

Participants : Eric Rutten, Noël De Palma, Gwenaël Delaval, Soufyane Aboubekr.

The goal of this work is to apply control techniques based on the behavioral model of reactive automata and the algorithmic techniques of discrete controller synthesis. We adopt the synchronous approach to reactive systems, and use an associated effective controller synthesis tool, Sigali, developed at INRIA Rennes. Both are integrated into a programming language, called BZR, and its compiler, as an extension of the Heptagon language. We thus have a complete tool-supported method from control modeling down to concrete execution, considering different execution models, and targetting either software or hardware. We explore control theory for computer science, as an original alernative to computer science for control (as more usually in embedded systems), and to classical discrete control theory (as more usually applied to manufacturing). We are exploring several target application domains, where we expect to find commonalities in the control problems, and variations in the definitions of configurations, and in the criteria motivating adaptation.

We have obtained this year the following results:


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