Team sardes

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Jean-Bernard Stefani [Team Leader, Senior Researcher, Ingénieur Général des Mines]
Eric Rutten [INRIA Junior Researcher, HdR]
Alan Schmitt [INRIA Junior Researcher]
Damien Pous [CNRS Junior Researcher]
Vivien Quéma [CNRS Junior Researcher, HdR]

Faculty Members

Sara Bouchenak [Associate Professor, Université Joseph Fourier, HdR]
Fabienne Boyer [Associate Professor, Université Joseph Fourier, HdR]
Olivier Gruber [Professor, Université Joseph Fourier, HdR]
Noël De Palma [Professor, Université Joseph Fourier, HdR]
Renaud Lachaize [Associate Professor, Université Joseph Fourier]

Technical Staff

Clément Deschamps
Fabien Mottet

PhD Students

Michael Lienhardt [government grant, until Jun. 2010]
Jean Arnaud [government grant, until Oct. 2010]
Soufyane Aboubekr [Inria grant, until Sep. 2010]
Stéphane Fontaine [government grant, until Sep. 2010]
Fabien Gaud [government grant, from Oct. 2007]
Willy Malvaud [Inria grant (contract), from Oct. 2007]
Loris Bouzonnet [industrial grant, from Jan. 2008]
Claudio Mezzina [Inria grant (contract), from Oct. 2008]
Thomas Braibant [government grant, from Oct. 2008]
Ludovic Demontes [government grant, from Oct. 2008]
Sylvain Genevès [government grant, from Oct. 2008]
Alessio Pace [Inria grant, from Jan. 2009]
Quentin Sabah [industrial grant, from Apr. 2010]
Baptiste Lepers [Inria grant (contract), from Oct. 2010]
Xin An [Inria grant (contract), from Oct. 2010]
Xavier Etchevers [Orange Labs, from Oct. 2010]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Benoît Claudel [Inria grant (contract), until Sep. 2010]
Gwenaël Delaval [Inria grant (contract), until Sep. 2010]
Cinzia Di Giusto [Digiteo grant, from Jan. 2010]
Nicolas Palix [university grant, from Oct. 2010]
Dàmian Serrano [Inria grant (contract), from Nov. 2010]

Administrative Assistant

Diane Courtiol


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