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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Industrial contracts

ANDRA: Numerical methods for reactive transport

Participants : Jocelyne Erhel, Souhila Sabit.

Contract with ANDRA

Time: three years from October 2010.

Title: Numerical methods for reactive transport.

It is quite challenging to develop a numerical model for deep storage of nuclear waste. The time interval is very large (several thousands years), models are coupled and simulations must be accurate enough to be used for risk assessment. In most cases, chemistry must be included in models of deep geological storage. In the team Sage, we have developed a method coupling transport and chemistry by a Newton-type algorithm. A first objective is to reduce computational time, in order to run experiments with 3D domains and a large number of grid points. A second objective is to compare the behaviour of several mehods, the so-called SNIA, SIA, DSA methods, with our method, called DAE. The study will include properties such as numerical stability, nonlinear convergence, algorithmic complexity, CPU and memory costs. In the current version, it is not possible to include precipitation dissolution reactions where the mineral can disappear and reappear during the simulation. A third objective is to extend the model by considering a complementary problem formulation.

competitive cluster LUTB: CINEMAS2 project

Participants : Édouard Canot, Jocelyne Erhel, Désiré Nuentsa Wakam.

Contract with Région Rhône Alpes.

Time: three years from May 2007, extended until October 2010.

Title: Conception Interactive par simulation Numérique des Ecoulements couplées à des Méthodes d'optimisation par Algorithmes Spécifiques.

Coordinator: Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Partners: INSA Lyon, University of Lyon, Plastic Omnium, Valeo, Renault Trucks.

This work is done in the context of the Région Rhône-Alpes initiative called Rhône-Alpes Automotive CLUSTER, and the competitiveness cluster called Lyon Urban Truck and Bus (LUTB). The global objective is to design a new methodology in CFD to reduce drastically computational time in an optimization process. The partners FLUOREM and LMFA have developed the software Turb-Opty based on parametrization. The key part of Sage team is to study sparse linear solvers applied to CFD systems arising in Turb-Opty applications. We use our software GPREMS to solve linear systems provided by the industrial partners.


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