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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

European Initiatives

Participants : Jean-Baptiste Poline, Bertrand Thirion, Merlin Keller, C├ęcilia Damon.

IMAGEN is an Integrated Project funded by the European Commission in the 6th Framework Program LSH-2005-2.1.3-1: Neuroimaging (2007-2012): "Bridging genetics and neural function". J.B. Poline is involved as the responsible for the bio-informatics and bio-statistics work package, and directly fits with Parietal 's research axes. Half of the PhD theses of M.Keller and C.Damon are funded by IMAGEN, given that their work will contribute to Imagen data analysis part.

Imagen consists in acquiring in 8 centers across Europe, neuroimaging (anatomical, functional and diffusion-weighted), genetic and behavioral data from teenagers, in order to find risk factors of addiction for this population. The database (2000 subjects) is stored and analyzed at Neurospin, and handled by a team with three engineers (CEA, DSV, Neurospin) headed by J.B. Poline. At the end of 2010, the databasing system contains about 1800 datasets (neuroimaging and behavioral data), and about 1000 genetic datasets. Quality assessment has been performed systematically on the data to ensure an homogeneous quality and meaningful subsequent analysis.


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