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Section: Software

Scikit learn

Participants : Gaƫl Varoquaux [Correspondant] , Fabian Pedregosa, Alexandre Gramfort, Vincent Michel, Virgile Fritsch, Bertrand Thirion.

Scikit learn is meant to be a easy-to-use and general-purpose machine learning in Python: scikits.learn is a Python module integrating classic machine learning algorithms in the tightly-knit world of scientific Python packages (numpy, scipy, matplotlib).

It aims at providing simple and efficient solutions to learning problems that are accessible to everybody and reusable in various contexts: machine-learning as a versatile tool for science and engineering. Current features implemented in scikit learn are:

The license is Open source, commercially usable: BSD license.

Fore more information, demos, examples and code, please see . The development of Scikit learn is funded through an INRIA ADT. Three coding sprints have taken place this year in Paris and Saclay: on March 3rd, July 26th and September 8-9th.


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