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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Grants and contracts with Industry


Accompanying contract with IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole), in the framework of the CIFRE PhD grant of Riccardo Ceccarelli (2007-2010). The goal sought with the Control Engine Dept. of IFP is the development of a model-based observer allowing to identify several types of engine failures. The first year has been dedicated to system modeling with respect to leakage detection and estimation. In a first phase, leakage in intake receiver has been studied by the mean of two types of nonlinear adaptive observers. The observers have been tested on a AMEsim - Simulink co-simulation environment. For this first application, no differences come out from the use of these two observers. The second part of the work is dedicated to the design of a variable threshold in order to be less conservative and avoid false alarms. For this purpose we are investigating the possible causes (modeling and measurement error) whose effects drive leakage estimation away from the correct value. Then, the previously proposed approach has been applied to a different part of the Diesel air-path system: the turbocharger. The aim was the detection of the turbine efficiency loss in order to guarantee the correct amount of air needed to the combustion. A complete sensitivity study has been carried on the turbocharger subsystem to generate a variable threshold and determine working points where the detection is insensitive to possible measurement biases.


Accompanying contract with AIRBUS in the framework of the Cifre PhD grant of Patrick Andrianiaina. The goal of this PhD thesis is to study flexible implementation methods for real-time controllers, aimed at reducing the conservatism induced by the current approach purely based on worst case considerations [60] .


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