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Section: New Results

Highway traffic model-based density estimation

Participants : C. Canudas de Wit [Contact person] , C. Irinel-Constantin Morarescu.

The work developed by the NeCS team in this direction consists of several tasks. Firstly, we have calibrated a microscopic model, under Aimsun microscopic simulator, in order to reproduce the traffic behaviour on the south ring of Grenoble. The microscopic model has been used to produce a database of measures considering real traffic state measures. Secondly, we defined our constrained deterministic macroscopic model, with a fundamental diagram based on the microscopic simulations. The main advantage of a macroscopic model are: the reduced number of parameters that must be calibrated and the high simulation speed. The constrained model is used to reduce the number of possible affine dynamics of the system and preserve the number of vehicles in the network. Thirdly, we have designed a forward/backward observer that allows to accurately recover the densities (number of cars) in the cells along the network and precisely localize the eventual congestion front. Finally, Matlab numerical simulation show the efficiency of the designed observer.


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