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Participants : Soraya Arias [SED] , Florine Boudin, Roger Pissard-Gibollet [SED] , Daniel Simon [correspondant] .

ORCCAD is a software environment that allows for the design and implementation of the continuous and discrete time components of complex control systems, e.g. robotics systems which provided it first ground [61] . It also allows the specification and validation of complex missions to be performed by the system. It is mainly intended for critical real-time applications, in which automatic control aspects (servo loops) have to interact narrowly with the handling of discrete events (exception handling, mode switching). Orccad offers a complete and coherent vertical solution, ranging from the high level specification to real-time code generation.

The Orccad V3 software was designed with proprietary tools that moreover are now becoming obsolete. Orccad V4 is currently deeply re-engineered to be compliant with open-source and free software tools (Java/Eclipse). Current targets are Linux (Posix threads) and Xenomai, a real-time development framework cooperating with the Linux kernel ( ).

Orccad is supported by the Support Expérimentations & Développement (SED) service of Inria -Rhône-Alpes. Orccad is used by the experimental robotics platforms of Inria -Rhône-Alpes and by the Safenecs ANR project in a real-time simulator of a X4 drone [48] . New functionalities and updates are developed jointly by the SED service and researchers of the NeCS and Sardes teams.

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