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Leadership within scientific community

Since September 2009, F. Forbes is head of the committee in charge of examining post-doctoral candidates at INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes ("Comité des Emplois Scientifiques").

Since September 2009, F. Forbes is also a member of the INRIA national committee, "Comité d'animation scientifique", in charge of analyzing and motivating innovative activities in Applied Mathematics.

F. Forbes is part of an INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) Network (MSTGA) on spatial statistics. She is also part of an INRA committee (CSS MBIA) in charge of evaluating INRA researchers once a year.

S. Girard is a member of the committee (Comité de Sélection) in charge of examining applications to Faculty member positions at University Pierre Mendes France (UPMF, Grenoble II).

F. Forbes and S. Girard were elected as members of the bureau of the “Analyse d'images, quantification, et statistique” group in the Société Française de Statistique (SFdS).

S. Girard was selected as an expert for the national fund for the scientific development of Chili (FONDECYT).

S. Girard was selected as an expert by the Research concil of the University of Leuven to evaluate research proposals.

S. Girard was involved in the PhD committees of Dmitri Novikov (Université Montpellier II) and Thi Mong Ngoc Nguyen (Université de Bordeaux).

F. Forbes was involved in the PhD committes of Tomas Crivelli from team vista INRIA Rennes, Univ. Rennes I. PhD title: Mixed state Markov models for image motion analysis (March 2010) and of Lotfi Châari from University Paris-Est. PhD subject: Reconstruction d'images médicales d'IRM à l'aide de représentations en ondelettes (November 2010).

F. Forbes was also involved in the HDR committee of Nicolas Wicker, assistant professor at Strasbourg University (December 2010).


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