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Section: Software

The LOCUS software

Participants : Florence Forbes, Senan James Doyle.

Joint work with: Michel Dojat, C. Garbay and B. Scherrer.

The LOCUS software analyses in few minutes a 3D MR brain scan and identifies brain tissues and a large number of brain structures. An image is divided into cubes on each of which a statistical model is applied. This provides a number of local treatments that are then integrated to ensure consistency at a global level. It results a low sensitivity to artefacts. The statistical model is based on a Markovian approach which enables to capture the relations between tissues and structures, to integrate a priori anatomical knowledge and to handle local estimations and spatial correlations. A description and a video of the software are available at the web site , which is still under construction. The software is written in C++ (50,000 lines). It has been registered in APP in 2010 under an owner license.


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