Team marelle

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Yves Bertot [Team leader, INRIA, HdR]
Benjamin Grégoire [Research scientist INRIA]
Laurence Rideau [Research scientist INRIA]
Loïc Pottier [Research scientist INRIA, HdR]
Laurent Théry [Research scientist INRIA]

Faculty Member

Frédérique Guilhot [Qualified teacher, académie de Nice]

Technical Staff

Anne Pacalet
Thomas Hutchinson [ADT Coq]

PhD Students

Guillaume Cano [supervised by Y. Bertot]
Maxime Dénès [supervised by Y. Bertot]
Nicolas Julien [supervised by Y. Bertot]
Sylvain Heraud [supervised by B. Grégoire]
Sidi Ould Biha [supervised by L. Théry, until February 2010]
Santiago Zanella [supervised by Gilles Barthe, until november 2010]
Ioana Paşca [supervised by Y. Bertot, until November 2010]
Tuan Minh Pham [supervised by Y. Bertot]
Jorge Luis Sacchini [supervised by B. Grégoire]
Michaël Armand [supervised by L. Théry and B. Grégoire]

Administrative Assistant

Nathalie Bellesso [Administrative assistant]


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