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Section: New Results

Visual Analytics

Participants : Daniel Archambault, Romain Bourqui, Frédéric Gilbert, Guy Melançon, Paolo Simonetto, Faraz Zaidi.

Interactive graph mining

Interactive graph mining is what we aim at designing and realize. Efficient visual analytics requires to astutely combine interaction with together with graph statistics and graph drawing. Building effective visualization systems is difficult as it requires to combine analytics based on data analysis brought to understandable and intuitive graphical representations equipped with adequate user interaction.

The use of graph hierarchies still remains a central paradigm we exploit. Often after graph hierarchy construction, there exists several large metanodes which can contain tens or hundreds of thousands of nodes. In steerable graph drawing systems, these metanodes can be a problem as they could take a half an hour or more to draw in their entirety. However, frequently, a user is interested in nodes that are close to a particular node or subgraph present in the hierarchy.

We have improved TugGraph, a system for exploring paths and proximity around nodes and subgraphs part of a hierarchy of subgraphs [11] . The approach modifies a pre-existing hierarchy in order to see how a node or subgraph of interest extends out into the larger graph. The system works well on graphs of hundreds of thousands of nodes and millions of edges and is able to present this information in a matter of seconds. TugGraph is a follow-up of previous work published in 2008 [2] .


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