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Section: Software

GVSR: Graph Visualization Software References

Participant : Bruno Pinaud [correspondant] .

See .

The profusion of available graph visualization applications may even confuse an expert in this field. Some programs have been developed in close partnership with the scientific community (Pajek  [94] , Cytoscape(see )), others are purely commercial, or some are general graph manipulation and visualization software (Tulip). Generally speaking, the choice of a program well-adapted to both the data and the methodology is difficult. Some books can be used as guides  [37] , [80] , and several websites present lists of programs (e.g. , ). However, those websites plainly list the existing software, or make them accessible through snapshots. Consequently much effort is required to compare the various programs before choosing the best one for the problem considered.

Those observations led us to develop GVSR ( ). Its added value is to offer users query about existing software based on commonly used criteria such as scalability, implementation issues or type of uses. Our objectives are to facilitate the users' choices and to compare programs with common criteria. The website also presents the programs with a uniform text-based description. This site keeps evolving and so far contains eighty various software descriptions. In addition, the site allows users to propose new programs by simply completing an enclosed form. The site is also designed as a tool repository helping the user to access and compare the available Graph Visualization tools, and benchmark new techniques and algorithms. The whole community can benefit from the ability to reproduce published results, and from comprehensive comparisons with previous work. Thus, GVSR can be seen as a contribution to improving both the accessibility and quality of graph visualization tools.


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