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GRAVITÉ is a joint project with CNRS (UMR 5800 LaBRI) and Université de Bordeaux. The team has been initiated on April 2007 and was officially created as a project in January 2009.

Section: Members

Faculty Members

David Auber [Associate Professor, Université Bordeaux 1]
Romain Bourqui [Associate Professor, IUT/Université Bordeaux 1]
Maylis Delest [Professor, Université Bordeaux 1, HdR]
Guy Melançon [Team leader, Professor, Université Bordeaux 1, HdR]
Bruno Pinaud [Associate Professor, Université Bordeaux 1]

Technical Staff

Jonathan Dubois [(Non permanent staff) Research Engineer, Université Bordeaux 1]
Ludwig Fiolka [(Non permanent staff) Research Engineer, Université Bordeaux 1]
Charles Huet [(Non permanent staff) Research Engineer, Université Bordeaux 1]
Patrick Mary [Research Engineer, Université Bordeaux 1]
Morgan Mathiaut [(Non permanent staff) Research Engineer, Inria]

PhD Students

Frédéric Gilbert [Université Bordeaux 1, MENRT scholarship]
Antoine Lambert [Université Bordeaux 1, CORDI-R]
Maurin Nadal [Université Bordeaux 1, MENRT scholarship]
François Queyroi [Université Bordeaux 1, MENRT scholarship]
Arnaud Sallaberry [Université Bordeaux 1, CIFRE scholarship]
Paolo Simonetto [Université Bordeaux 1, MENRT scholarship]
Trung Tien Phan Quang [Université Bordeaux 1, MENRT scholarship]
Faraz Zaidi [Université Bordeaux 1, SFERE scholarship]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Daniel Archambault [(Non permanent staff) Post-Doc, INRIA]

Administrative Assistant

Alice Rivière [Secretary (SAR) Inria]


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