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Section: Dissemination

Administrative and Teaching Responsibilities

Teaching Responsibilities

Licence d'Informatique Fondamentale at ENS Lyon.

Anne Benoit was responsible of the 3rd year students on fundamental computer science at ENS Lyon until August 2010. She gave a course on algorithms to the 3rd year students.

Eddy Caron and Christian Pérez

offered CR11-Grid and Cloud Computing lecture series in the Master d'Informatique at ENS Lyon.

Jean-Yves L'Excellent and Bora Uçar

offered CR07-Sparse matrix computations lecture series in the Master d'Informatique Fondamentale at ENS Lyon.

Loris Marchal

offered CR08-Scheduling lecture series in the Master d'Informatique Fondamentale at ENS Lyon.

Yves Robert

is a member (in fact, the only European member) of the NSF/TCPP initiative on the parallel and distributed computing (PDC) curriculum. A working group from IEEE TCPP, NSF, and the sisters communities has taken up the task of proposing a curriculum for computer science (CS) and computer engineering (CE) undergraduates on parallel and distributed computing. The goal of this committee has been to propose a core curriculum for CS/CE undergraduates, with the premise that every such undergraduate should achieve a specified skill level regarding PDC-related topics as a result of required coursework. Over the last months, the working group has deliberated upon various topics and subtopics, agreed upon their learning outcomes and level of coverage, has identified where in current core courses these could be introduced, and has provided examples of how they might be taught. Limited reviews have been carried out by selected stakeholders. Early adopters in Fall-10 and Spring-11 will be employing and evaluating the proposed curriculum. See for more details.

Frédéric Vivien

gave a course on Parallel Algorithms to 2nd year students.


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