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Section: Dissemination

Scientific Missions

MUMPS User Group Meeting

The Mumps team organized a Mumps User Group Meeting on April 15th and 16th 2010 at ENSEEIHT, Toulouse. This was the second edition of a series of meetings started with the 2006 Mumps User Group Meeting. The aim of this event was to bring together experts both from academia and industry. The general theme of the meeting was sparse direct solvers and related issues, ranging from applications to experiences with Mumps and other direct solvers, and combinatorial ingredients of sparse direct solvers.

Scheduling in Aussois, III

The GRAAL project at École normale supérieure de Lyon organized a workshop in Aussois, France on June 2–4, 2010. The workshop focused on scheduling for large-scale systems and on scientific computing. This was the fifth edition of this workshop series, after Aussois in August 2004, San Diego in November 2005, Aussois in May 2008, and Knoxville in May 2009.

“Des grilles aux Clouds, nouveaux problèmes et nouvelles solutions” day at ENS

The GRAAL project organized a day around Cloud platforms and research issues at ENS Lyon on December 13. This event that gathered more than 180 attendees allowed to share experiences and solutions both from academia and industry for the management of large scale virtualized resources.


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