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The Graal project-team is common to CNRS, ENS Lyon, and INRIA. This team is part of the Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme (LIP), UMR ENS Lyon/CNRS/INRIA/UCBL 5668. The team is located in part at the École normale supérieure de Lyon and in part at the Université Claude Bernard – Lyon 1.

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Frédéric Desprez [Senior Researcher (DR), HdR]
Gilles Fedak [Junior Researcher (CR)]
Jean-Yves L'Excellent [Junior Researcher (CR)]
Loris Marchal [Junior Researcher (CR)]
Christian Pérez [Junior Researcher (CR), HdR]
Bora Uçar [Junior Researcher (CR)]
Frédéric Vivien [Team Leader, Senior Researcher (DR), HdR]

Faculty Members

Anne Benoît [Associate Professor (MCF), HdR]
Yves Caniou [Associate Professor (MCF)]
Eddy Caron [Associate Professor (MCF), HdR]
Bernard Tourancheau [Professor, HdR]
Yves Robert [Professor, HdR]

External Collaborators

Alexandru Dobrila [PhD student, MENRT grant]
Jean-Marc Nicod [Associate Professor, HdR]
Laurent Philippe [Professor, HdR]
Lamiel Toch [PhD student, MENRT grant]

Technical Staff

Nicolas Bard
Florent Chuffart
Benjamin Depardon [From October 15 to November 14, 2010]
Haiwu He
Benjamin Isnard [Until February 28, 2010]
Guillaume Joslin
Gaël Le Mahec [Until March 31, 2010]
José Francisco Saray Villamizar [Since October 15, 2010]
Daouda Traore [Until March 31, 2010]

PhD Students

Leila Ben Saad [MENRT grant]
Julien Bigot [MENRT grant until September 30, 2010 - INRIA from October 1 to December 31, 2010]
Ghislain Charrier [INRIA Cordi-S grant until October 31, 2010]
Benjamin Depardon [MENRT grant until September 30, 2010]
Fanny Dufossé [ENS grant]
Matthieu Gallet [ENS grant, until September 30, 2010]
Sylvain Gault [INRIA, since November 1, 2010]
Cristian Klein [INRIA grant]
Mathias Jacquelin [MENRT grant]
George Markomanolis [INRIA Cordi-S grant]
Vincent Pichon [CIFRE EDF R&D grant]
Georges Markomanolis [INRIA Cordi-S grant]
Adrian Muresan [MENRT grant]
Paul Renaud-Goud [MENRT grant]
Clément Rezvoy [MENRT grant]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Marin Bougeret [Since October 1, 2010]
Hinde Bouziane [Until August 31, 2010]
Laurent Bobelin [Until March 4, 2010]
Indranil Chowdhury [Until March 5, 2010]
Simon Delamare [Since October 15, 2010]
Luis Rodero-Merino [From January 11 to December 31, 2010]
Mark Stillwell [Since December 1, 2010]

Visiting Scientists

Domingo Jimenez [From May 27 to June 22, 2010]
Mohamed Labidi [From June 20 to July 20, 2010]
Melhem Rami [From May 9 to June 6, 2010]
Mircea Moca [From April 1 au June 30, 2010]
Lu Lu [From September 01, 2010 to March 1, 2011]

Administrative Assistant

Evelyne Blesle [INRIA, 50% on the project]


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