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Section: Dissemination


Teaching responsibilities

— Monique Teillaud is a member of the jury of the Agrégation de Mathématiques.

Teaching at universities

We give here the details of graduate courses. Web pages of these courses can be found on the web site :

2009-2010 courses (taught in 2010)

— Master IFI 1ère année (Nice), Computational Geometry, O. Devillers (12h).

2010-2011 courses (taught in 2010)

— International Chair of Tsinghua University (Beijing), Shape reconstruction, J-D. Boissonnat (2 days).

— Master IFI (Sophia Antipolis), Geometric algorithms, theory and practice, P. Alliez, O. Devillers and M. Teillaud (28h).

— Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (Paris), Meshes and Applications, P. Alliez with collaboration from G. Peyré (21h).

— Master at EFREI (Paris), Geometric algorithms, P. Alliez and B. Pellenard (45h).

— Winter school, ENS Lyon, Algorithms for geometric approximation J.-D. Boissonnat, F. Chazal and M. Yvinec (24).

— Master MPRI (Paris) Computational Geometric Learning J.-D. Boissonnat, F. Chazal and M. Yvinec (24h).


Internship proposals can be found on the web at

— Mikhail Bogdanov, 3D periodic volume meshes, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

— Thu-Hien Nguyen Thi, Tangential complex, MPRI.

— Fei (Sophie) Che, 3D triangulation demo, in the framework of the Google Summer of Code, University of Delaware (PhD student)

— Amir Vaxman, Oracle for subdivision surfaces, in the framework of the Google Summer of Code, Technion (PhD student).

— Alain Tayeb, Meshing NURBS surfaces, in collaboration with Lumiscaphe (Master student).

— Boris Dalstein, Quadrangle surface tiling, (student from ENS Lyon).

— Marc Jeanmougin, Parallel Mesh Generation, (student from ENS Paris).

— Kacper Rzepecki, Improving and simplifying the CGAL Triangulation API, in the framework of the Google Summer of Code, Warsaw, Poland.

— Maxime Brénon, Experimental study of nearest and reverse nearest neighbor searches using Locality-Sensitive Hashing (Master student).

Ongoing Ph.D. theses

— Mikhail Bogdanov, Triangulations in non-Euclidean spaces, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

— Alexandre Bos, Topological methods for geometric data classification, Université Paris XI.

— Claire Caillerie, Sélection de modèles pour l'inférence géométrique, Université Paris XI.

— Arijit Ghosh, Computational Information Geometry, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

— Bertrand Pellenard, Surface and Domain Tiling, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

Ph.D. and HDR defenses

— Manuel Caroli, Triangulating Point Sets in Orbit Spaces, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, December 10th.

— Pedro Machado Manhães de Castro, Practical Ways to Accelerate Delaunay Triangulations, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, October 25th.

— Nicolas Montana, Calcul robuste d'enveloppes de solides en mouvement. Application à la simulation de l'enlèvement de matière en usinage, Université Paris-Sud, June 2010.

— Pooran Memari, Geometric tomography with topological guarantees, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, March 26th.

— Nader Salman, 3D point clouds to feature preserving meshes, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, December 16th.


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